It's not too often that I break out a hat for cold winter weather. Rare is also the occasion that I wear any type of headcover at all. Today however, called for the best hat for the job.

Since 1903, the Stormy Kromer Company has been covering the heads. Founded by a former semi pro baseball player turned railroad engineer, George "Stormy" Kromer and his wife Ida, opened a factory in Milwaukee, WI. Later the company was bought by Bob Jacquart who had a company making pet beds in the UP. In an interview I had with Jaquart in 2010, he told me that he had heard that the company would be closing and in a deal that was basically done on a "lunch counter napkin," he secured the rights to produce the hats and now has a full line of Stormy Kromer apparel. There is even a ladies version known as the "Ida" line.

To this day, I keep my Stormy Kromer cap handy. Especially for days like today, when Hell actually feels like it will freeze over!

If you've got one, show it off! Let's show the world your "Stormy Kromer!" And don't forget to add what year you bought it, if you can remember.



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