Saturday was going to be awesome and I knew it. I was heading to Frankenmuth for Zehnder's Snowfest. I have always wanted to see snow carvings and ice sculptures but never go to before. I was just at Zehnder's in December and had my first Famous Chicken dinner. Needless to say, I LOVED IT! If you have never had it, MY GOD... GO NOW! It's worth the wait and please go on an empty stomach.

On the way up, I spoke to Will, my on site producer. I told him I couldn't wait to sink my teeth into that chicken again. Saturday was a madhouse in Frankenmuth. For about 2 hours it looked like my hopes for that chicken dinner were going up in smoke. Then, I ran into my buddy Carl. His friend Deb. Then Marty. They were all there enjoying Snowfest. Carl asked me where to go to get this chicken I was talking about all week. I pointed him in the right direction and sure enough. 20 minutes later he came back and brought me the 3 piece chicken dinner I feared I would miss out on.

Carl and Deb made my weekend. He asked me if I saw the big donuts Zehnder's sells. So, I bought him one... It just didn't make it until the morning. I'll get you one next time Carl... That donut was as good as the chicken.

From the Pants Zehnder's Stash

I met Carl a few months back at the Eagle Car Show. I first met him on Facebook.

I wasn't expecting to run into ANYONE I knew an hour away from Lansing... Let alone, have them get me and my family a ridiculous Zehnder's Chicken dinner.