This is not an informational post, just a conversation about something we Michiganders truly bond over this time of year.

I know I am not the only person in this situation but after all the snow and messes along the roads this past week, my car was filthy.

When I say "filthy" I mean I actually accidentally walked past my red car in a parking lot because I did not recognize the color of it anymore.

Usually I, like many others, try to put off giving my car named "Nacho" a bath until I know it won't be ruined again mere days later.

With the temps being around 50 on Sunday and the forecast looking a lot better this week, I figured it would be a great day to finally get to it!

Now, I rear-ended a Kia in Spring of 2019 which left the hood of my Jeep a bit dented and my boyfriend had the idea to just cover them up with a bug guard. It works great but that limits me to using only touchless car washes.

That is really no problem at all until the only touchless car wash near me is lined up almost out the entrance to the car wash facility.

I pulled in and got in line at 2:25 and I did not pull out with a clean car until 3:15!

To make things clear, I am absolutely not complaining here because looking around at the people in cars near me, everyone was so patient!

Seriously, I have never felt a less-rushed in any line...ever.

We are in Michigan, we all have dirty cars that need a good washing when the sun finally makes an appearance and I, for one, think there is something beautiful in that.

I challenge you all to be patient with one another at the car washes this week, maybe even make a temporary acquaintance. We are all in the same boat (or car, if you will) when it comes to this. Now if only more car washes would have special deals going on as we have more gentle brushes with spring!

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