Another little piece of Lansing history uncovered last weekend was a pair of change dishes that featured the Adams Potato Chips logo on them.

From what I have gathered from replies to an earlier post on the Facebook page of the Historical Society of Greater Lansing, I am told that the Adams Popcorn and Nut Supply office and plant was located at 827 E. Michigan Ave in the Webert Building which still stands and houses offices currently.

Imagine the smell of fresh potato chips being made as you cruise down Michigan avenue. I can only liken it to that of the smell of Schaffer's Bakery on Logan (MLK Blvd). A fond memory of riding with my grandfather in his rusty Oldsmobile wagon, hoping to make it up the hill by the Oldsmobile plant and coasting in neutral down the other side to save gas.

Anyway, I digress. So many cool stories about the small businesses in Lansing. Please share your Adams stories with us here. I look forward to reading them!

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- Duran

Adams Chips

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