It was awesome down in Dallas for the Cotton Bowl when MSU played Alabama a few years ago... Until the game started. State hung with the Big boys for awhile but Alabama does what they do. Get to your quarterback. Unless, you have a mobile quarterback who can hurt you with his feet. Enter TRUE FRESHMEN Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence. He just turned 19 in October. He is 6' 5" and the reason I am picking Clemson to beat "Bama.

Normally Nick Saban foams at the mouth when he plays a freshman quarterback. I bet he is still foaming but this kid is for real. He throws dart. I think hew looks like the kid in the backseat.s and runs like stinky farts. I think he looks like the kid from Dazed and Confused grown up.

Picking against Alabama is stupid but Clemson has beat them before. Alabama is a 5.5 point favorite. I like Clemson 38-37.

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