If you are looking for alternative deer bait... Look no further than this. It's my 2002 Ford Focus. A car that has knocked not one but 2 deer from the roads of Michigan.

Once, while on vacation in Frankfort, after my wife told me to slow down, I hit a deer and it was a total loss by the insurance company. Naturally, I bought it back and fixed it up to hit yet another deer. I never did get around to fix it but I bought a repair kit you can see in the pictures below.

To sweeten the pot, I included some of the car's amenities. Like, the fully functional dope scope (dome light). 5 speed manual transmission for racing the Corvette's and the like. A detachable face compact disc player with no volume knob. Some Star Wars bad guy stickers I couldn't scrape off the window without damaging. Plus, a piece of the muffler that fell off. An air filter for the car if you can ever figure out how to remove the current one from it's stripped case. A winter window scraper and a Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers Damn the Torpedoes DVD. How did that get in there?

You may be saying to yourself: "Isn't that the A-hole who passed me in town in the turn lane giving ME the stank eye?"

Yeah, I just may be... but not anymore. Check out these amazing pictures. You can buy the car and the whole seat... BUT YOU'LL ONLY NEED THE EDGE! It's valued at over 5 million dollars but I can let you have it today for 500 bucks or best offer.

Other features include: A hatch that open by the push of a button inside the car OR through a magical key fob that also unlocks the doors from anywhere... within a 10 foot radius of the car. It had one previous owner... A little old lady.

Now that I have a child, I have to say goodbye to this muscle car and find a more family friendly vehicle. Hopefully the Focus will continue to draw in women with it's new owner.

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