An old school cheeseburger is a tasty food option. I'm talking about the burgers that are grilled fresh on the flat top. Topped with cheese, a slice of onion, pickles, tomato, ketchup and mustard. Keep it simple, wrap it in some wax paper and I'm going to be well on my way to stuffing my belly.

There aren't too many "old school" burger joints around anymore. In Lansing, I think that Olympic Broil, Nip n Sip and Dagwood's serve up some tasty "old school" burgers.

If you take a short road trip to New Buffalo, Michigan you will have a burger experience that rules! Redamak's is a 2 hour and 14 minute drive, or 130 miles according to Apple Maps. I recently visited Redamak's with my wife and kids because we wanted an "old school" burger and we also wanted to share the experience with our kids because we both grew up in Southwest Michigan and have fond memories of our childhood visits to Redamak's ourselves.

As you might expect there might be a short wait. We were told it was a 25 minute wait and we were seated in about ten minutes. The service was great. The staff was welcoming and it seems that the employees really like working at Redamak's. There is a lot of memorabilia on the walls and you could spend a day looking at all of the cool displays. Being in Southwest Michigan, they have some loyalty to Chicago sports teams and since I am a Cubs fan it was cool to see.

I had the patty melt. It was really good. I should've gotten the cheeseburger though. My wife had one and it was delicious. They use Velveeta Cheese on their burgers and that's a game changer. The whole slice of onion gave it a nice crunch, the pickles and toppings were delicious too. Don't get me wrong, my patty melt was amazing. They also offer tasty kids menu options too.

The memories I have of Redamak's when I was growing up came back to me when we were there with our kids. It was a nice walk down memory lane while creating new memories with our own kids. Thank you for the good times, the memories and the amazing food Redamak's, we will be back as soon as possible.


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