Smashed a deer this morning on my way in. I didn't even get 200 yards from my house before she jumped into me. I knew the car would go with some duct tape.

Of course the deer is fine, it ran off to destroy another car on another day. After taking this picture, I was able to secure the rivets back in their holes (giggity) and taped it up a little more.

I went to get an estimate from Nelson's Collision in Fowlerville. I warned them it may be hard to evaluate with all the fine repair work I did. A good estimate for just over a grand. I got a new headlight for 8 bucks at Grampy's in Fowlerville. Secured the headlight from the elements and fixed er up for under 10 bucks. She has over 200 thousand miles on her. It's that point where I ask... Is it worth it? It's a Ford Focus and I have a kid coming.