For my last post of 2020, I wanted to talk about all of the changes that happened this year, some of them welcomed but most met with much hesitation.

I've said it before and I will say it again, 2020, I may have spoken too soon when I was going on and on this time last year about you being "my" year.

As I have learned through the MANY trials and tribulations, I know now that I was simply not ready and there were a lot of things I would have to change in order to be ready to be at my best.

2020, you were my first year as a morning show co-host, my dream job, and made it way more different than anyone expected. I can honestly appreciate a new challenge. Being so new to all of this there was a strange comfort knowing the predicaments you put us in were new to all of us. We were all in the same boat.

You also made it so we had to spend more time with ourselves, our families and you really helped me identify and figure out things I needed to change myself.

This was a year that, after five years of living in Grand Rapids, I was finally living closer to my friends and family and was even able to move in with my boyfriend of five years.

Getting used to a new living situation after "making it work" on my own has been interesting but it has been awesome. Not having to work 70 hours a week between two jobs was a welcomed change of pace though it did force me to learn healthier behaviors and put an emphasis on self care.

2020, while you have been an unnecessary nightmare...who hurt you?

That being said, you have brought incredible changes to my life and as much struggle as you have caused for many of us, you have brought out some of the best in me. Just the other day my best friend's mom told me something I never thought I'd hear again...That I look happy and I look healthy.

It's not that I wasn't either of those things before but to have that visible glow of life you knew was always inside of you but you just lost the "sparkle" is hard to deal with and I am glad that 2020 was the year I got it back.

Like I said, I know this year has absolutely not been all sunshine and rainbows but here is a look at a few things that made it all bearable:

Maitlynn's Favorite Parts Of 2020

I know there are some moments I probably forgot but you get the idea. 2020, you have changed a lot of lives and I am very fortunate to say that in a lot of aspects, you did that for the better.

Now, no offense, but please leave, never come back and let 2021 shine.

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