If there was ever a year to be filled with more hope for what's to come, this is it!

I don't mean something specific gave you hope, though if that is the case I'm so happy for you!

I mean it more in the sense that you are hopeful things will turn around from the nightmare that was 2020.

As many people have reminded optimists like you and me, things obviously did not change in an instant as soon as the clock struck midnight on December 31st, however I did feel like a bit of the weight was lifted and felt a lot more fresh after leaving 2020 behind.

I am beyond optimistic and hopeful for all the good things coming in 2021 and I know I am not alone in that and I'm also not alone in wishing people weren't being so damn cynical about it.

You are not alone in being happy it is a new year. You are not "delusional". You are not wrong in any way for wanting to make this "your best year."

I totally get it, last year I was saying it was going to be "my" year and clearly that did not go as planned so maybe don't be so quick to be disappointed when things don't go your way. However, keep pressing on because, really, what else are you going to do?

2020 was a year where it very clearly showed us there was really no chance of it getting any better and it really dragged a lot of us down to rock bottom and left us there. However, it is a new year, think of it as we made our way out of the "pit of misery" and the only way back in there is if we dig it ourselves!

There is power in positive thinking and while I know being that way definitely won't make everyone's problems go away, one of the only things we can control is how we react to things and move forward from them.

All in all, there is nothing wrong with being hopeful and excited for all the things 2021 will bring, no matter what your grumpy, glass-half-empty friends and family may say.

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