August, a lot of people don't like you because you signify the "end" of summer, but you are so much more.

As we move from July to yet another month in a year that seems to be flying by faster than COVID-19 spreads, I just wish time would stop and August, you have always been that for me.

Now, I may be a bit biased as three out of the five of us in my family celebrate our birthdays in August, so it's one of my favorite months.

First thing, August has some of the best weather. As summer winds down, August is when you get those warm-yet-breezy days. The humidity of July sticks around for a little bit but over all, the weather is better in August for people who are kind of sick of summer heat.

There is also just so much to look forward to in August.

Yes, my birthday included, but also the beginnings of a new school year and fall right around the corner.

August is an underrated time for change, excitement and wonder.

It's crazy that by August there is only four months left in the year, but it kicks off the most exciting 1/3rd of it!

So, as we move forward to this next month, we should really take it slow, appreciate it for all it is.

I know as our nation works on re-opening, people get back to work, and we are all looking for the fastest route back to "normal" let's make sure to sit back and enjoy this time.

August used to always drag on for me because my birthday is on the 24th, so toward the end, and all I ever wanted was to wish it away and just get there.

Now, as I get older and more comfortable in my place in this world, all I want is for time to slow down and let me enjoy this life.

So this August, I challenge all of you to slow down and soak it all in. The good, the bad, the impatient waiting...all of it.

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