This whole thing with masks is driving me crazy. Don’t get me wrong, I never had an issue with masks, I actually still wear one because I can still spread covid to others who aren’t vaccinated. I am fully vaccinated and have been for a month now.

I’m not the guy who freaks out if someone asks me to wear a mask, in most cases I will already be compliant. We just went through our first weekend of being allowed to take your mask off if you are vaccinated, and I really don’t understand how this is going to work no matter what the CDC says. There are people who have refused to wear masks through the entire pandemic, and others who have not been happy about having to wear them.

Now the CDC says it’s ok to not wear a mask if you are vaccinated. How are we going to know if someone is vaccinated? Some states have banned Vaccine passports or make it illegal to make someone even show you their vaccination card. Do you really think the folks who have been dead set against masks are going to wear one because they have not been vaccinated? I don’t think so.

Some businesses are maintaining the mask mandate, and that’s their right. And some major businesses have already dropped the mask mandate like Walmart, Costco and Target. Those of us who are fully vaccinated really don’t have a lot to worry about with the virus, even if we still get it, we likely won’t die from it.

But what about others who have not been able to get vaccinated yet for some reason, these public places where masks are no longer required will have plenty of the anti-maskers there not wearing one, and some of them could be non-symptomatic and spread the virus to others who haven’t been vaccinated. Believe me, I understand how hard this whole thing has been on all of us, but this CDC change in mask-wearing is very confusing, and it makes it not fair to everyone.

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Over 60% of Michiganders supported the fight against Covid-19 and maintained their distance, and wore masks. Many of us are doing the right thing, and for that I thank you. But many others aren’t doing the right thing, and unfortunately, others could pay for their lack of vigilance.

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