Life can get pretty hard sometimes, life during a pandemic? A mental health nightmare.

To all the therapists out there,

Let me start this off with a simple thank you. Thank you for all you do, all the people you see and all the problems you help us face.

I can't tell you how much therapy changed my own life. Being able to have that "third party" person who knows nothing about you, your life or your family helps to have more honest, unbiased conversations.

Therapy helps make sense of trauma, how to deal with your general anxieties, pressures you feel of every day life and just really helps you get more in tune with yourself.

September is Suicide Prevention Month and September 10th is World Suicide Prevention Day.

Therapists everywhere, you are key in all of this and you have been for years upon years.

You see into people's lives and their problems past what they are seeing and feeling and you make it make sense.

I've seen the image before and heard the analogy where people go to therapists with their brains jumbled like tangled yarn only to talk it out and a therapist puts it all into nice, neat and organized balls.

You pull us from the swarming sea of anxiety, doubt and insecurity and give us the tools to float.

I can not tell you how much therapy has helped me, personally, and really pulled me from the middle of a complete mental breakdown and from the brink of something potentially worse.

Therapists, you make us realize that there is nothing we can't overcome or at least just "get through." You build us up and show us how to love ourselves in a world that all-too-often makes us feel like we shouldn't.

I could go on and on to how important you are to this world and how special you are to the people you help.

Never underestimate the power of talking things out and NEVER feel like you have nobody to turn to. A therapists' job is to be there for you and to listen, you just have to make the first move and get yourself to them.

It can be hard to admit you need help and I know there is a certain stigma with going to therapy but once you embrace it there is power in knowing you have someone in your corner. I once had a listener recognize me in my therapists' waiting room and while I was embarrassed at first, I took that as a moment to show people that nobody is "above" anyone else. We all have issues and being open about it can help others feel comfortable in that space too.

If you or anyone you know is struggling with thoughts of suicide, give the National Suicide Prevention Hotline a call at 1-800-273-8255 or visit

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