I would like to start this off by saying it is absolutely not about vanity...though I guess it definitely comes off that way.

Everyone has insecurities and a lot of people have a hard time accepting compliments or just struggle with self confidence in general.

It often doesn't always come down to looks; however looks do often contribute.

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I, personally, always notice that when I don't like the way I look I'm less focused on the things I should be and just want to go home where I am comfortable.

Honestly, I think it comes from being a people pleaser and there's this disconnect when it comes to doing things to make sure I'm pleased with myself.

This isn't a therapy session though and I really want to point out the power in being confident in one of the most basic things, how you look.

Everyone has some physical feature they love or at least like about themselves and everyone sure has something that when they accentuate it gives them a little extra boost of confidence.

For example, I know I feel most confident when I'm having a good hair day. For a while, though, I was often unhappy with mine and so I recently went and switched it up!

I now have bangs and also realized I missed having my nose pierced so I got some fake hoops on Amazon and let me tell you I have been feeling on top of the world, oozing confidence I knew had been lacking.

Take this all for what you will but just know, there is nothing the with taking pride in your appearance or just doing things for yourself that make you feel most confident.

Confidence is key in a lot of things in life and that's why the "look good, feel good" mentality can be something to help you get it done!

Here are some tips for self-care during the pandemic:


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