Back in the year 2000, I received a skin donation from someone I will never know. I think about how someone's unselfish act aided a recovery the doctors called "astounding" and it still warms my heart. They took skin off a dead body and gave it to me. Click here to read my full story. It's not just major organs that could help other people.

We spoke with Betsy Miner-Swartz about some amazing stories from Michigan and the work she is doing.

As soon as I could, I registered at the Secretary of State to give all my organs when I go. I have the heart on my license and encourage you to do the same. A story that inspires me to this day, is the story of Jason Ray.

I have heard people say, "if you are in an accident, they won't save you because they want your organs!"

I don't know what kind of moron started spreading this rumor but it's unethical and incorrect.

The stories above are more powerful than people allowing their organs to become worm food.

Talk to your family and become a donor. Get more info @



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