I got my picks in and I took Virginia all the way, baby! Friggin' DICK Vitale gave MSU the kiss of death by picking the Spartans to win it all. But enough about washed up loudmouths who work for BSPN, let's talk picks!

Picks 2018

A few years ago, my co host Deb Hart, who's knowledge of college basketball is limited, beat ME and most of the sports "gang" at our sister station WVFN or whatever they are calling it now. Lansing sports "LEGEND?" Tim Staudt. David "Mad Dog" DeMarco all lost to Deb. Man, it never got old talking about that.

So, do you think you have what it takes to beat Deb? All you need to do is click here. Fill out your bracket and make sure you click SAVE PICKS. This will save your picks. Guess what happens if you don't click "SAVE PICKS?" IT WILL NOT SAVE YOUR PICKS. I hope I was clear about that?

Pick 60 winners and you could score 10 grand! Good luck!

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