While driving around Monday evening, the sunset with the squalling snow, made for one of those moments to stop and look. Especially since they have been few and far between.

It also seems that sunsets are often remembered more when they are viewed from a special location. On the water as it seems to sink into the deep blue or when it goes behind a mountain somewhere on vacation. Whatever the situation, there seems to be a calming effect that a beautiful sunset brings. And with a good camera on every smartphone, social media gets filled with the photos.

Now the question, where in your opinion, is the best place to view a sunrise or sunset. The west side of the state is obviously better equipped, but location is what I'm looking for.

One of my favorite places to see a sunrise has been while walleye fishing on the Detroit River. Watching the stretch we fish come to life with anglers and huge freighters that navigate the same waters is an amazing way to start the day.

So share your places and I'll let you know what we see for ourselves.


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