Halloween is almost here. Michigan is ready to celebrate Halloween with trick or treating on October 31. Have you stocked up on the trick or treat candy this year? The last thing any Michigander wants to do is run out of candy. Thankfully, the Halloween Rescue Squad is available to bail you out.

You ran out of candy and you need more, what should you do?

PR News Wire enlightens us on being saved on Halloween:

For those who may have miscalculated the number of ghoulish guests to arrive at their door, or dipped into the candy stash early, the M&M'S Halloween Rescue Squad will be on call starting at 3PM ET on October 31, to deliver free Mars candy across the country to participating locations in under an hour, in partnership with Gopuff (while supplies last). As the candy bowl begins to look hauntingly low on Halloween night, consumers can visit mmshalloweenrescuesquad.com to call on the M&M'S Halloween Rescue Squad.

This is awesome. Poor planning or underestimating Halloween can be emabarassing. You don't want to be the neighbor that shuts their porch light off at 6:30pm because you ran out of candy. Let's be honest, nobody wants any tricks and you don't want your house getting "egged".

To be able to call upon the Halloween Rescue Squad to get more M&M's or other tasty Mars candy slections, you will need the Gopuff App and Gopuff must deliver in your area. Who else but M&M's would come to the rescue? Mars also makes Three Musketeers. That's a classic from back in the day that needs more love.

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