Detroit Tigers Manager Brad Ausmus made an off-the-cuff remark to reporters today after another Tigers loss to Kansas City. ( link; link, link) When asked how he reacts after a game like today once he gets home, Ausmus said, sarcastically, but in bad taste, "I beat my wife." Detroit sports fans and sports talk hosts were all over the comments today. And, as we speak, the words are going viral at a quick pace. Those who know Ausmus know that he is quite the family man. But, those that don't see the words at face value, as they probably should. Ausmus did quickly rescind and apologize for the comment, but you'd figure a guy heralded as a cerebral, Ivy League leader would know better, and would choose his words more carefully. I see this as an absolute sign of a rookie manager, with the highest of expectations put upon his team, feeling the pressure of an unfathomable slump.