Holy CRAP! I had my mind blown this weekend and I have to LET IT OUT. Ever since I saw Avengers Infinity War, I have been wrecking my brain trying to figure out the one way Dr. Strange saw... I think I saw it too. Well, thanks to my friend Large.

I posted this on Facebook.

If you can't see it:

Loved Captain Marvel. Thought Brie Larson was awesome. The 90's nostalgia was a bit forced and the music was less grungy than I hoped for (Garbage?). I didn't think the credit scenes were worth holding it in...


I don't know how they left out the song Seether, Letters to Cleo, PJ Harvey, Natalie Merchant, 10,000 Maniacs or the Indigo Girls but here we are. This is seriously a weak soundtrack of grunge.

But, after posting my friend Large said he wanted to fight me. So, the next day we had a chat and he blew my mind. Spoiler Alerts: Random theories.

Did you see Captain Marvel? The end credit scene.

People are saying, that scene is taking place in current times. Not during the 90's. That computer monitor looked kind of old to me but we are talking about the Government.

So, what else about the Tesseract?

The thought is: This is how Dr. Strange saw an opening. He saw the REAL Tesseract with the cat. So, does Thanos have the actual Space Stone or a good fake?

He has been shifting through space like he really has it. It sure seemed like he had all the stones at the end of Infinity War.

All the Marvel geeks know Chris Evans is done being Captain America. My guess is, he will go back in time on a "one way ticket," save the day and reunite with his true love who lives in the past. This way they don't kill him.

Captain Marvel will replace him as the new Captain of the Avengers.

An Equal Opportunity Employer.

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