***According to News 10, the baby goats have been returned safely. Cameras at the creamery showed the 4 people who stole the goats earlier this morning and the Barry Co. Sheriff's Office said social media was a help in finding the animals. MOO-ville Creamery will not be pressing charges against the goat thieves***

You know, I was sitting here thinking about the way things were back in the day. And I mean way back in the day, like the Old West. The days when bad guys and bad girls broke the law, they did it in let's just say more intolerant times.

I mean, say a guy decides to steal a horse and then gets caught. It would first do irreparable damage to his reputation because he would forever be labeled as a "low-down, rotten, no-good, filthy varmint". People would bump into each other in town and the conversation would go like this:

Cowboy 1: "Hey, did you hear that Texas Steve Jenkins stole Old Bill Simpson's horse the other night?"

Cowboy 2: "Well, that Texas Steve Jenkins is a low-down, rotten, no-good, filthy varmint."


And unfortunately for guys like Texas Steve, the punishment wouldn't stop with the general populace just besmirching your name. Nope. If you were lucky enough to be caught by the long arm of the law, you were prosecuted and jailed. If the vigilantes got hold of you first, well the consequences to your health and future would be tremendously negative.

So why was I thinking about all of this today? Well I was wondering what the law does to people who steal goats. That's right, goats. I saw on the MOO-ville Creamery Facebook page that someone stole 6 of their baby goats overnight. These were family pets that were less than 2 months old that were taken from the business in Nashville, Michigan.

If you have any information that might help, you can reach out and also get more information on the MOO-ville Creamery Facebook page.

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