Yesterday, the baby and I were sitting at home and a friend stopped by with a gift. Mother's Day is Sunday and my wife's first one. My friend Tonya dropped by with great gift for her.

Courtesy of Tonya Langham Olrich

I was so touched. She captured the innocence of my baby perfectly. My wife was also very touched when she got home.

We have received so many amazing gifts from people and are so grateful. Tonya does all kinds of art projects and does some amazing work. You can find her on Facebook by clicking here.

My wife posted this on Facebook.

Today, after a long drive home from Detroit, I'm greeted at home by the beautiful smile of Tonya Langham Olrich. She came to meet Nugget and gave me such an amazing gift! She drew this awesome picture of my sweet baby 👶🏼. It is said that God brings people to us when we need them. Thank you Tonya for sharing your talent and giving us such a precious keepsake