The picture I used wasn't the attempted bank robber but I thought it really drove the point home. A dude tried to rob a bank in Pontiac on Friday. He handed the teller a note that said he had a gun and demanded money. The teller just waked away. Click here to see this dumbass story. Dude, Pontiac people are hardcore! The teller was probably packing!

Back to the picture...

Courtesy of St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office

A friend of mine shared this fake story I thought was hilarious. Detroit WOMAN ARRESTED FOR TRAINING SQUIRRELS TO ATTACK HER EX-BOYFRIEND. Oh, how I wanted it to be true but the good people at say it's a fake.

That crazy lady above was arrested in 2014 for breaking her father in-laws window because it felt good. Click here to see her charming story. Best mugshot ever?