Each week, Deb asks me "what was John Oliver talking about last night?"

Well, she wasn't here today and I watched anyway. This guy is good. A bit dirty, if you don't like swear words, he swears a lot. There is one part in the video where Danny Belcher speaks about using it for his PTSD... I knew I was going to share it.

It infuriates me when doctors prescribe drugs that will aid to the taking of ones own life. The common end for PTSD is suicide, so the doctors prescribe drugs with suicidal side effects is like handing them a loaded gun. If a person served his country and you don't do EVERYTHING in your Doctor power to help that person. You have FAILED as a human.

Soldier suicide rates are DOUBLE that of normal civilians. In 2016, the VA said about 20 Veterans a day take their own lives. These numbers are an embarrassment to our entire civilization.

Baby Bree eventually was returned to her parents... Click here to see that.

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