Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer announced last night that come Friday, all indoor service at bars in Michigan is to stop. After 185 people ended up getting sick from one bar, it's easy to see why. The numbers have been trending up in Michigan and when you see Florida shot by New York for the most coronavirus in THE WORLD, you don't want that to be us. They just set a record with over 200 deaths in a single day for the second day in a row. Now, a tropical storm is headed their way. Ain't 2020 the best?

The bars are closing but the 3 Detroit Casinos, the MGM, Greektown and Motor City are set to reopen on Wednesday at reduced capacity. They have been closed for 4 months. Detroit gets money from them and they have REALLY missed that money.

Obviously, patrons and employees will have to wear face masks UNLESS YOU ARE EATING OR DRINKING. They will only allow the places to be filled to 15 percent capacity. Some believe Michigan is playing it too safe. Thousands of casino workers have been laid off. The odds are not good they will all be called back with such a reduced capacity but it is very likely the house could still win with such a limited crowd. May the odds be ever in your favor.

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