My friend posted on Facebook yesterday about a bat that got into her Lansing house near Mt. Hope and Washington (one dog slept through the mayhem, two others tried to help).

WILX TV 10 that this is 'Bat Season' in Michigan (think flying mammal, not baseball).

The winged beasts are preparing to hibernate for the winter, so they’re more active right now, and probably don’t want to be in your house any more than you want them there. If you do find one inside, try to catch it so it can be tested for rabies – or call one of the local services to extract the bat from your space.

Try not to kill ‘em – they really don’t intend you any harm and the number of mosquitos they eat is monumental – they also pollinate flowers and disperse fruit seeds. And just so you can feel like a smarty pants today, according to the Wikipedia, there are over 12 hundred species of the furry flying creatures. Dazzle your friends with that little nugget of knowledge.


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