Because they want to stay alive, the Bath Township Police Department recently requested on their Facebook page that we stop rubbernecking and pay attention to the road while we're driving. This was their post from earlier this month:

*Quit Rubbernecking*

About one minute ago, while on the shoulder of I69 assisting a man who had broken down, I was given the lovely gift of hearing screeching tires coming up behind my patrol car. Not once but three separate times within 5 minutes.

Mind you, at this time I have my pretty red and blue lights engaged for all to see. During each of the first two screeches I look up just to see cars nearly barreling into each other as they look at said pretty lights. I brush them off, whatever, part of the job that we’ve sadly become accustomed to.

The third screech, more terrifying than the last. I look up just to see every tire on a semi screeching and smoking with the trailer brakes locked up, bouncing up and down with vehicles going into the median to avoid him. Want to know why? I’ll tell you why. The driver in front of the semi decided they needed to slow down ever so rapidly just to see what was going on and the semi driver was doing everything he could to avoid a collision, causing everyone behind him to scatter like flies.


Slow down safely, move over safely and if unable to do so, pass at a safe speed for first responders on scene. It’s not very hard, just be attentive and...Just. Be. Better. Quit gawking. #BathMiPD

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