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"Here is the deal:

Do not ever, under any circumstance, ever, for any reason, no matter what, never ever, regardless of the situation, even if you think it's legit, EVER send ANYONE prepaid gift cards FOR ANY REASON. Unless its of your own accord, not propositioned by someone.

-You did not win any foreign lottery.
-The IRS does not want payment in Visa gift cards.
-You (probably) don't have a warrant and you definitely don't need to pay it off via gift cards.
-The jail is not going to call you because your cousin got locked up and he needs bail in the form of Amazon gift cards.
-No one is going to offer you a job making $4000 a month from home if you first send them $600 in the form of gift cards.

We cannot get your money back. You will be S.O.L (super outta luck) if you fall for one of these scams. If you have any questions PLEASE call us before sending anyone money. We have had a lot of cases where people have lost thousands. They will never see that money again."

(517) 641-6271

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