In our house we have cats. Sometimes the cats go batsh-- crazy! I call these guano moments. People go guano too. It seems to happen more in Florida or Ohio but Ohio wins the batsh-- crazy battle today!

Meet Opal Covey. She is running for Mayor of Toledo. She speaks in tongues and apparently promised God's destruction if she doesn't win. You can click here to find more about Opal.

She cursed a man for damaging her stellar reputation.

Was that enough for you? Opal says she won the election in 2013 but her votes were stolen. She says God told her she would be elected in 2000. So, she ran in 2001. Here is some more tongues and batsh--!

Can you imagine waking up to that every morning? Crazy chicks are usually the most fun in the sack but this is a bit much.

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