My brother shared with me this pic above of the sunrise earlier this week, as viewed by his friend Tim Curtis of Flint.

Curtis was partridge hunting in Crystal Falls, Michigan, in the far western upper peninsula.

I've seen a LOT of beautiful sunrise pics the past several days; my honey sent me this last week:


And I've seen a lot of FB posts of the sunrises and sunsets of late - would love to see your photos!

Our friend Mike Skywatcher took this gorgeous photo below of some 'moonbeams' this morning; he captured this pic from his secret observatory just west of Lansing. He takes gorgeous photos of the sky, nature and costumed dogs! You may see Mike taking photos this Friday morning for the WMMQ Halloween Costume Contest for Dogs at Celebration Cinema - click here for more details - someone is going to win $900 worth of prizes - join us for the fun!

Photo Courtesy W.M.Lewis