If you get on this quickly, you could be the new owner of an official Wienermobile. Two of them sit in Calgary, Canada waiting for you to step up, bring one back to Michigan and live the dream of driving around Michigan beach towns this summer in your private Wienermobile.

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According to the ad, The company in charge of operating these vehicles has gone bankrupt. Parent company of oscer (SP) mayer canada has commissioned us to sell these wienermobile . any logo will be removed before vehicle is picked up.

These two vehicles are parked in Calgary with their friend, the Planter's Peanut Nutmobile, which, according to the ad - is NOT for sale. In fact the ad actually says - "NO THE PEANUT IS NOT FOR SALE ! STOP ASKING"

How much for the Weinermobile? "12000 OBO" (about $9000 - American)

If you don't buy it, my guess is "Wienerlicious" - the hot dog shop in Mackinaw City (see the photo above) needs to buy one of these. And drive it back and forth all summer long across the Mackinac Bridge. That marketing advice is free.



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