I saw this the other day and was laughing so hard I actually broke a house rule last night. We don't allow technology at the dinner table. Last night, I was laughing so hard that my wife waived the rule.

It was about this mugshot.

Courtesy Gwent police

Police were searching for this 21 year-old suspect, so they posted to their social media account to try to get help. They warned they would prosecute anyone who used abusive language... but it didn't help. Over 90 thousand comments later, the post was deleted.

There was some major gold though.

"His hairline is on the run too..."

"Police are combing the area."

There really is no such thing as bad publicity. There is an entire faction of women who like the "bad guy."

I have not found such a group for rapidly balding drug dealers yet, but I am sure it's out there.

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