When I moved to Lansing in the mid 90's I had zero college allegiance. I wasn't a fan of MSU or U of M.

That changed quickly when I discovered the world of tailgating. How could I not become a Spartan fan when MSU is located in my back yard. Tailgates have always been a blast. I had fun when I was drinking and now that I am five years sober, the tailgates are still fun. I always thought, "how can I have fun without alcohol". As it turns out, I have more fun now because I am in the moment. Enjoying the moment for exactly what it is at that moment.

This year the lots are opening at two different times, depending on the time of kickoff, here are the guidelines, according to msuspartans.com:

Tailgating lots will now open on campus at 7 a.m. for noon to 4 p.m. kickoffs and 11 a.m. for night games. These times apply only to Saturday games.

When it comes to tailgating, there are plenty of places to have fun. You can tailgate on campus near the stadium if you would like. You'll have to pay a $20 parking fee, navigate the chaos and hope to get out of your spot when the game is over.

These tailgates are fun, when I know a friend is throwing a tailgate close to the stadium, I will take the bus from the commuter lot at Farm Lane and Mount Hope to the stadium and then I can explore tailgates from there.

My preferred spot is at Farm Lane & Mount Hope in the commuter lot. It's only a couple of bucks to take the bus to the stadium. Although the parking lot fills up, it's not mad chaos. It's also likely that you will find a spot to park and tailgate at, of course that depends on when you show up. I also like the commuter lot because there's lots of room to spread out. They have grassy "islands" that you can put a tent up on. It's also a fun environment to bring the kids if they are tagging along.

I am heading to the game this Saturday and am hopeful that the Spartans can figure out a way to beat Ohio State. Go Green, maybe I'll see you at the tailgate, feel free to swing by mine if you want to.

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