Black Sabbath legend Tony Iommi has confirmed that he's recorded a new charity song with lone Pink Floyd constant, Nick Mason. Other notable musicians are said to be involved and Iommi speculated that The Rolling Stones' Ronnie Wood could be one of them.

Speaking with Spain's La Heavy magazine, Iommi was first asked if any progress had been made regarding the collaborative effort between him and Queen's Brian May that had been in discussion.

"We've been talking for years about doing something together and we haven't gotten around to it yet," said Iommi, who chalked most of the difficulty up to scheduling and touring. "We haven't really gone any further with it," the guitarist continued as he also took stock of May's current situation (he suffered from a torn gluteal muscle and a heart attack this year). "At the moment Brian has been going through a lot of medical things, but who knows? It'd be nice at some point to do something."

Then, Iommi turned his attention toward new music that he has actually been working on and confirmed one big name while another legendary rocker could be in the mix as well.

"At the moment I've started putting some ideas down myself now and I played on a track with Nick Mason a few weeks ago," Iommi revealed, noting, "We're doing a charity record for cancer. I was asked if I'd play and come up with some riffs for it. There's a lot of other celebrities doing something for this album so I said, 'Yeah, it'd be nice to do that.' I think there's Nick Mason, myself and I think Ronnie Wood is going to play a bit on this track as well. I'm not sure."

Hopefully there will be more new music from Iommi sooner rather than later. The 72-year-old metal icon said he has "loads" of new material earlier this year. Time will tell if it amounts to a new record.

Tony Iommi Reveals Collaborative Charity Song With Nick Mason

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