Bob Dylan's grandson, rapper Pablo Dylan, made a pretty big splash when he debuted his first mixtape, '10 Minutes,' in 2011 -- partly because of his famous lineage, and partly because he was only 15 at the time. He's kept things on the down low since, but that doesn't mean he hasn't been hard at work.

In fact, the younger Dylan has just resurfaced with a new song, 'Midnight,' which you can hear below -- and which he says is just the first volley from a full-length album that's been his sole focus for the last few years. "Truthfully, I just locked myself in my f---in' lair, bro," he laughed to Rolling Stone. "'10 Minutes' wasn't up to that level of quality that I wanted it to be. It was really important to me to take my time and say, 'Nothing else matters' and if this is what I want to do with my life, I'm going to set out to be the best who's ever done it. I've made music for 16 hours a day for the last three years. It's literally my life."

Of course, with his first proper album on the horizon, it's hard to avoid the subject of Pablo's legendary grandfather, whom he referred to as "the Jay-Z of his time" when he dropped '10 Minutes.' "He's given me a lot of advice," Pablo said. "There's not an individual I love more, but we do two completely different things and that's great. I love to have him in my corner because he cares about me and I care about him. He's the first person to say, 'Oh Pablo, you're doing well.' 'Thanks, Grandpa. It means the world.'"

Although Pablo shrugged off the idea of collaborating with Grandpa Bob, he reiterated his earlier effusive praise. "He strived to do it at the highest level. Lyrically, it's all meaningful and representative of him. That's exactly what I want to do," he continued. "I can't say that I'm ever going to reach that level, but I'm going to give it my everything to try and make music that's that impactful when it comes to soundtracking people's lives the way that his does."

Pablo Dylan, 'Midnight'