I LOVED watching Barry Sanders play. He was a touch of class and ability in the graveyard known as Detroit. Where they have NEVER won a Super Bowl. Not even been there. The closest they got was when Barry was playing. They wanted to pass the ball a lot then, with the best running back in the world playing for them. They didn't invest in offensive lineman, fullback or tight end. Barry would lose yards on a lot of his carries because the Lions had NO IDEA how to help him out. He played for Wayne Fontes, the coach with the most wins in Lions history. SAD. State Rep. Tom Leonard posted this to Facebook.

Courtesy of Tim Hoffman

We have one of the best receivers in the game in Calvin Johnson. A really decent quarterback when he isn't shell shocked. For years at the draft, the Lions defy their needs and draft based on ability they have no idea how to develop. Successful teams give players roles and direction. The Lions are less organized than a zombie attack on the Walking Dead. They are the laughing stock of the NFL. We are laughing at them.

Promoting Jim Bob Cooter to offensive coordinator didn't save them. Perhaps changing the receptionist and janitor will get things fixed. The guy who put this team together, Martin Mayhew is a former Matt MIllen assistant. Remember Millen? The worst winning percentage for a GM in NFL history, ring a bell? Mayhew helped Millen make disastrous management decisions when he was here and continues to make them since he left. The Lions needed a fresh start so they stayed with the status quo.

The offensive line is the worst in football. The defense lacks direction and leadership. The special teams ain't so special. Why are people still going to the game? You can watch them lose from your own living room. Or better yet, you can completely ignore them until they go away.

The fact is,  the Ford Family is completely to blame. As long as there are people in seats, they will see it as a success. The ONLY WAY to enact change is to boycott. They do not care if they EVER win a game as long as there are asses in seats. They have never taken a long term approach to winning and building from the ground up. They get offensive stars, put some fat guys nobody else wanted in front of them and hope for a sellout. Here is Don Drysdale's CALL TO BOYCOTT! He makes great points.

Things I did yesterday instead of watching the Lions lose.

1. Showered.

2. Went to church. Read scripture and ran the powerpoint.

3. Got breakfast at the Feed Bag in Fowlerville.

4. Grocery shopped at Curtis Grocery in Fowlerville.

5. Put the Halloween stuff away.

6. Watched the Walking Dead. (or was it the Lions?)

7. Made fun of the Lions on Facebook for being awful.

8. Played with my cat. The cat had way more fight than the Lions.

Even my wife says, "I LOVE Megatron!" Even she can see the Lions are killing him. They just have a way of taking something great and ruining it. No vision, no plan. Same old Lions.

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