The best part of New Year's Eve is reflecting on the things that made 2019 what it was and using that to set a plan for the new year...or in this case new decade!

I know for me, personally, 2019 was a big year that taught me how to look at the things I always thought were negative about my life and that only I had the power to change them.

My uncle once told me you have to "be the main character in your own story" so earlier this year when life felt like it was happening to me and not with me, I did something about it and learned more about myself than I ever thought.

I started going to therapy, improved my relationships and communication with the people I care about most and in October this station came into my life and by December I was finishing out the year on the highest note!

This is not to brag about how great 2019 was to me but more to share that you can take what feels like an exhausting year, take things into your own hands and go into a new year truly feeling like a "new you" and not in the cliche kind of way!

If you need help coming up with your resolutions for the new year, it does not matter how small you start but I would recommend one of them being to take time for yourself!

Now, I saw a post on the ol' Facebook that really resonated with me and thought it would be fun to see what our WMMQ family was proud of in 2019. Since I shared mine, now it is your turn! What were you most proud of yourself for in 2019?


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