An evening of live music at a local brewpub sounds like a perfect a summer night. Good tunes and good beer, all within your town's borders...what could possibly be a better way to instill local pride? Until it all goes wrong, of course.

Ashville, N.C.'s Lexington Avenue Brewery has been temporarily closed following a performance by Charlotte-based metal band Young and in the Way. According to WLOS (video above), the band sprayed a considerable amount of pig's blood during its set, which was billed as a concert to celebrate a local tattoo parlor's 10th anniversary. The resulting mess has caused the restaurant to cease operations until they get a clean bill of health.

"After a private music event in our back room," said Benjy Greene of the brewery. "We voluntarily closed and contacted the Buncombe County Health department to advise us the best cleanup procedure for our back room."

The report says that the blood didn't make its way into the kitchen, and that the pig's blood was not a health threat to anybody who was hit. Empire Tattoo, who booked the show, issued the following statement on their Facebook page on Wednesday:

Though the actions and result of Sunday night's show were out of our hands, we are sorry another local business is suffering. We have been in contact with Buncombe County health inspector over the matter and are aware that the 'contamination' was confined to the back room of the LAB. We were also made aware by the health inspector that LAB was given 'go ahead' to re-open as soon as they wished without re-inspection. Our mission for this party was to celebrate our business and customers with another local business. We hope for everyone's sake we can all move forward from this in a positive manner. We appreciate everyone's support on this matter.

Provided they are able to open in time, a David Bowie tribute band is listed on the Lexington Avenue Brewery's schedule for Saturday. We do not expect them to use their back room for a screening of 'Carrie' any time soon.