With the group stage of the World Cup winding down right now, it seems like everybody has an opinion on what's going on in Brazil. That includes Bruce Springsteen, who talked about an incident in one of yesterday's (June 24) matches, where Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez appeared to bite Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini on the shoulder.

Although known as a New York Yankees fan (albeit one who is fully welcome at Boston's Fenway Park, home of their rivals and current World Series champions the Red Sox), Springsteen acknowledged that he has been following the World Cup "a little bit." But when accosted on a Manhattan street by a TMZ camerman, he said he was unaware of what had happened earlier in the day. Still, he joked about whether or not it was allowed. "What are the rules about biting in the World Cup?" he deadpanned. "There probably should be one. Biting has no place in sports."

With 10 minutes remaining in the then-scoreless match, Suarez sunk his teeth into Chiellini as they fought for a ball. Had the referee seen what had happened, Suarez would most likely have been ejected from the game, forcing Uruguay to play with only 10 men. Instead, he stayed in and, a minute later, Diego Godin scored the game's only goal for Uruguay, which knocked Italy out of the tournament. Suarez has officially been charged by FIFA for his actions, and could potentially be banned for the rest of the tournament.

Springsteen was asked a few other questions about sports, such as the future of LeBron James with the Miami Heat and whether or not he would ever want to buy a team, as Jon Bon Jovi is trying to do with the Buffalo Bills.

"No," he said. "Rock n' roll is hard enough."