The first thing I did when I woke up Sunday, was to make sure it wasn't a dream. I got online and sure enough, Victory for MSU. Still in disbelief.

I honestly thought Michigan fans had been drinking too much Harbaugh Kool-Aid. They said for the last year, "Michigan is BACK!" I kept thinking we'll see this year.

Did we ever! Some of the biggest Spartan fans admit, Michigan is most definitely back. Their defense has improved big time. Jourdan Lewis is the best DB MSU has seen all year. His battle with Aaron Burbridge was epic! Michigan punter Blake O'Neil hit an 80 yard punt. It was the second longest in school history and he will never be remembered for that. Here is an angle you may have not seen yet.

I love the calls. First, Sean McDonough and Chris Spielman who had been missing obvious calls all night. I Love how McDonough's voice breaks.

Then, the MSU call from George Blaha and Jason Strayhorn. Some people claim they heard profanity in the background on the original radio broadcast. I didn't.

The Michigan call went from joy to pain faster than Rob Base.

What is even funnier, after Jim Brandstatter says "I don't quite know what to say," it's followed by 30 seconds of dead silence. Poor Blake O'Neil. He didn't call the play or the coverage. It's why you play the game to the final whistle.

Here is the WCBN Michigan student team broadcast. The announcers are Leo Blavin on play-by-play and Jeremy Parks on commentary.

Then, the bogus broadcast Michigan won.

Then, this. MSU gave up the Paul Bunyan trophy right before the final play. Click here to see that. Ever seen a grown man cry in public after a shocking defeat?

Now, perspective. MSU Coach Mark Dantonio...

Is the first coach in MSU history to beat Michigan 7 out of 8 years. He is 7-2 against the Wolverines. MSU has won 12 straight B1G 10 ROAD WINS (School record). 11 Straight games. We are bowl eligible for the 9th straight season (School record). He has as many bowl wins as the great Michigan coach Bo Schembechler. Also, his 4 11 win seasons in the last 5 years make him only the 3rd coach in B1G 10 history to do that. Jim Tressel and Fielding Yost are the other 2. Coach also counts the win against Michigan as the 100th of his career.

I picked MSU to win 28-27. I said the team with the ball last would either win or lose it in the last seconds and predicted Michigan heartbreak. Now, I predict Michigan is back. It's NEVER going to be easy against these guys as long as Harbaugh is sheriff. I think the home team will win, as long as Dantonio and Harbaugh go head to head.

Last year, the Michigan fans were quiet and beat before the game started. That will not be the case next year in East Lansing. This was the most improbable, exciting finish in the history of the rivalry for MSU fans. A true, "where were you" moment.

I still can't believe it's real.

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