The Capital Area Humane Society's second biggest fundraiser for 2023 is on Saturday, September 30th. These fundraisers for the C.A.H.S. keep the lights on and the mission alive for the adoptable pets in the Capital area. Make plans to attend the 2023 Walk for the Animals, on Saturday, September 30th at Fitgerald Park in Grand Ledge.

The Capital Area Humane Society says:

Creating hope, completing families.

The mission is daily for the staff and volunteers to find homes for adoptable pets that need good homes. Our family recently adopted a Austrailian Shepard from the C.A.H.S. and he's been a great addition to our family and he loves being home with us. We have a strong family but adding "Oliver" to our dynamic has been awesome.

None of the projects, programs or facilities can exist, nor staff can be employed, without help from the community and that's why YOU are invited to attend this years event. It's fun for the whole family.

There'll be a costume contest, ice cream eating contest and a wide variety of amazing pets that have come together to celebrate. A lot of animals that will be at the event with owners were once adoptable at the C.A.H.S. We plan on bringing our dog with us.

What's This Years Goal at the 2023 Walk for the Animals?

The goal at this year's Walk for the Animals is $100,000. Currently the amount raised is at $52,333.53. With three weeks left to fundraise the goal is definitely achievable. For more information, or to donate online, you can get it and donate here.

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