Sorry Wolverine fans. Former Pistons coach and loudmouth Dick Vitale just gave you the kiss of death. He came out and said it. "They are capable of winning the whole thing." Click here to see the full story from the Detroit News. You can also get Dickey's pics. I just put that in there because i sounded funny but he does make predictions.

It's hard to believe it's been 17 years since a Big 10 team has won the National Championship in men's college hoops. That team was MSU. Michigan won it in 1989 with Glen Rice. One of the sweetest jump shots you have ever seen.

I was rooting for Michigan then, like I was against Louisville. I thought they would be exploited by the Cardinals pressing D but the leadership of Derrick Walton Jr. pushed Michigan into the Sweet 16. Mo Wagner and DJ Wilson have been playing out of their MINDS with confidence. The Wolverines ride a 6 game win streak into Thursday nights showdown with #3 seed Oregon. A hot team is hard o be against.

I think Kansas has the best chance to win it all.

The story also says a lot of fans were calling for Michigan coach John Beilein's head not long ago. I saw Coach Beilein at the Breslin Center a few years back. He was in a sea of blue and green shaking hands at the state finals. He didn't care if you had on green or blue. He strikes me as a classy guy that I will be rooting for.

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