The new yet to be titled superhero flick "Batman vs Superman" will be shot right here in Michigan in Metro Detroit. Something tells me they will be using a lot of green screen. According to an article they are looking for extras. Check out the complete article here.

They say on the CBS website they are looking for "men and women at least 18-years-old who are clean-cut military and law enforcement types or business executives in suits."

The website also said "The casting call will take place 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. April 27 at the Somerset Inn at 2601 W. Big Beaver Road in Troy." Ha! Big Beaver. I wonder if he will be the villain the superheroes unite to conquer? "Batman and Superman vs The Big Beaver" might tap into an entirely different audience.

I saw "Man of Steel" and Henry Cavill reminded me of Christopher Reeve and acted about as badly too. Then throw Kevin Costner AND Amy Adams in there too... No thank you. They killed off Costner but he could always come back somehow. Now, add Ben Affleckto the mix as Batman? It's like God wants this movie to fail.

"I know, right? WHY???" courtesy of Getty Images

Either way it brings much needed money into our state and jobs. I think this movie might suck but I will still see it just to support the Michigan people who helped make it,