Here's another familiar, best-loved attraction in Michigan - Castle Rock in St. Ignace.

Thanks to the Ice Age, this limestone tower was created when glacial melting caused the surrounding land to deteriorate from erosion. Members of the Ojibwa tribe referred to this tower as "Pontiac's Lookout". Then, in 1928, this rock column was purchased by C.C. Eby, who turned it into a tourist attraction the following year. It has remained so ever since, and is one of the oldest lookout points around St. Ignace.

Castle Rock is 195 feet tall with a panoramic, 20-mile radius view at the top. A gift shop is there with all sorts of crafts made by the local Native Americans decades ago. It's a fun, quick, and awesome stop to make as you travel through Michigan.

Below are some recent & vintage pictures of Castle Rock. Check 'em out, then go get some of your own...Paul Bunyan and his blue ox, Babe, await you at the bottom.


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