St. Patrick's Day is coming soon, 16 days to be exact. Try not drinking green beer this year! Make plans to attend this year's No Damn Green Beer Party at Lansing Brewing on March 17th.

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I am a recovering alcoholic, trust me, I drank my share of green beer back in the day. The funny thing about it was that I only did it because it was cheap and gimmicky. I don't know for a fact that "green" beer was the source of my headache but I always had one after drinking green beer and most likely eating some green eggs too.

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If you are planning on going out this St. Patty's Day, do so, have fun and be responsible. If you plan on "tying one on" with Irish Car Bombs, Guiness and other Irish treats, line up an Uber or cab.

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Lansing Brewing Company is throwing a party with NO green beer. There will be live music and of course their menu is tasty, order some grub to soak up the booze. Here's what you can expect at the No Damn Green Beer Party:

Join us on Friday, March 17th starting at noon for our annual St. Paddy’s Day Party! 🍾

This exciting night will feature traditional Irish pub songs performed by the incredibility talented Ben Traverse and band starting at 7PM! Josh Holcomb (Dede & The Dreamers, West MI Symphony & Orchestra) will be holding down the fiddle and Noah Cameron is rocking bodhrán and drums!

Irish food specials are ready to be served along with the release of a BRAND NEW Irish red beer! 🎉

We will be serving up the delicious Lansing brews you’ve come to know and love, but none of that damn green beer.🍺

This sounds like a lot of fun. Live irish pub songs, WIN! Irish food specials, WIN! LBC has some tasty beer too, try the brand new Irish red beer. If Irish beer isn't your choice, LBC has plenty of other options.

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