The other day I went to get gas and every spot was filled. I saw a guy done pumping so I pulled up behind him. Even in the freezing cold, the man stood there staring. I asked if he was ok. He said he needed a few minutes "to finish his program." Gas station TV. It seems to be popping up everywhere and I hate it.

I stopped paying for television about 8 years ago. I really don't watch much anymore. My kid watches a few shows like The Wiggles but she only gets around 20 minutes per day. I really enjoy the things I get done by not watching. I have become sort of a television snob.

Really, the only time I see a screen is at a gas station and it's starting to get out of control. Some stations only play the TV while you are pumping. Then, cut you off when your money runs out, like a casino. Leaving you standing there wondering how it ends. It's NOT really TV, it's preproduced gas station crap no other network would get caught dead airing. They have personalities I have never heard of giving me advice I will never use. Kind of like the radio... We don't need the competition! I spend half of my life avoiding TV. Here I am and I can't avoid it.

Some stations just blare the hell out of it whether you are paying or not. It's loud, echoing, and irritating. It seriously alters my mood. I like the natural hum of life and a few seconds of peace while I pump. Not being inundated with information I don't give a rats ass about. I am always looking for the mute button. I WISH they had one.

I try to avoid the loud, obnoxious gas stations. Gas stations used to be simple. Go pay for gas. Pump. Leave. Now, they have become inconvenient stores where you wait in line to hand them cash to turn your pump on. Then, while pumping, you get pumped full of useless information. Hey! That is my job!

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