What's better than an entire platter of fancy cheeses and other delicious snacks?

Charcuterie boards are often referenced as "Lunchables for adults" and honestly, I could not agree more.

However, for those who would rather have a more "proper" definition, Merriam-Webster defines them as "a delicatessen specializing in dressed meats and meat dishes / also the products sold in such a shop."

I can't really remember the very first time I ever had one but I do remember one of the best ones I ever had was at a friend's baby shower back in February B.C. (Before COVID). It was packed full of meats like salami, pepperoni and prosciutto. Paired with that were grapes, various cheeses, veggies, banana peppers, etc...It was massive, it was beautiful and it was delicious.

Since then I have been putting together boards for just at home using pre-packaged meat varieties and various, fun, fancy cheeses that I find at Aldi!

On Halloween I made one that featured Transylvanian Hard Cheese that was aged in Romanian salt caves and infused with red wine (we just called it "Vampire cheese"), crackers, pretzels, meats, candy corn and banana peppers.

However, I made my biggest one to date the other day and I am insanely proud of it!

Would it be weird to say I am somewhat passionate about charcuterie? If so, then I really don't care because gosh, is it fun!

My next step is working on how to make them even prettier and "Pinterest-worthy".

The best advice I can give to anyone interested in putting together charcuterie boards, just start with things you know you like and then start thinking about odd or surprising combinations that will pair well together. I never thought about putting banana peppers in with the spread, but once I tried it I make sure to always have them on standby!

So if you are looking for something pretty simple but extremely satisfying and great for groups (even smaller, socially-distanced ones) definitely try your hand at "adult lunchables" this holiday season.

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