Chef Kurt's Grilling Tips

  • Have a game plan: Think about everything you are going to grill. The items that take longer will need to be put on first
  • The Gathering: Make sure you have all your utensils, plates and any other items you might need when you are going to grill
  • Seasoning: Make sure that whatever you are grilling is well seasoned with kosher salt and pepper, on both sides, before you grill
  • Meat: If it is burger, I like to grind my own from either brisket or short rib meat. Great flavor, good ratio of fat. Your local butcher will be able to grind things for you. If it is a steak, my favorite is a Rib Eye, and porterhouses are a good back up (2 steaks in one, New York Strip and Filet). Before you put the burger on the grill, make sure you put a nice indentation in the center of the burger
  • Think clean: Make sure the grill is clean from debris, and lightly seasoned with some oil. Remember - a little oil goes a long way!
  • Cooking: We want to cook over medium-high to high heat so we can sear the meat, and lock in the flavors. We only turn the meat over once!!! If you want it cooked a little longer, use indirect heat to finish the cooking process. Also remember one other important DO NOT POKE or CUT INTO the meat while you are cooking.
  • Waiting: After you have the meat cooked and on a clean plate, you have to wait! It's important to wait 5-10 minutes after the meat comes off the grill, which allows the juices to settle and the meat to reach its final tenderness.

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