I have been watching ESPN for way too long. Ever since I have been watching, Chris Berman has been a fixture at the network. The "Back, back, back, back," The "WHOOPS!" All coming to an end after the Super Bowl. Berman will remain at the network because he is their Larry King. Click here for the full story. 

I thought it was crazy, I was reading about ESPN on yahoo.com. I didn't see anything about it yet at espn.com. Berman has transcended the sportscaster role. He's been in movies, parodied and is a pop culture fixture.

"He could go all... the... way..."

“I’m thrilled that this ride will continue, albeit differently,” Berman said in a statement announcing the move, which had been rumored for many months. “Today’s announcement allows me to fulfill perhaps my final professional goal – knowing that I will finish with the team I came in with.”

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