Everybody farts! Man, I love that picture above :)

The fart has always been funny to me and always will be. Whether it was my grandmother taking a 5 step fart, farting on every step, then denying it... Or my dad clearing the entire house. The fart force has always been strong in our family.

So, I came up with WTF: What the Fart. It's where I cloud up a Classic Rock song with flatulent sounds and you try to determine what it is for fantastic prizes.

I had a lot of fun with the first one.

Then the next 2 were just as fun.

Now, today in a few minutes, I will give away some goodies if you can identify what song is being draped in fart.

Now, everyone isn't a fan. One lady chimed in right away she didn't like it. I assume she needs to go out and have a good night, calm down and RELAX.


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